What are the RuneScape resolutions regarding 2014?
Monday, July 07, 2014

"You acquired many more gamers before you released this over utilised combat system, after all look at the many MMO's that really exist, they are by having the same talent locked combat, it's really boring to be truthful..Runescape was an exceptional game, was a great deal of fun switching 'tween weapons to eliminate a player or possibly a monster, now... slayer is too easy with this battle.. even the employers.. i don't desire anyone to get mad i'm fair saying what it truly is true and correct. My point connected with along with new quests are very neat but the actual combat just spoils everything.and  that's why I play OldSchool now. My spouse and i dislike the unexampled combat system along with interface, but I most certainly will confess that the game looks 100 instances better. Just not my thing."

"I'd like females and males to look standard and not such as deformed gorillas ,additional non solomon hairdos ,eyecolor,clothes,shoes,tights and stockings,change our height and and night time,weather,better slanting when tilting the camera up or down pat(p),and I need more skill messages like agility and construction ,more lifelike updates to locations and animations enjoy it would be wonderful to see our own avatar climbing step ladders,stairs,hearing these individuals walking and running,more nature,normal water sound effects,bouncing would be a great feature to agility and you would use it all the time,,more minigames,more voice acting,a few npcs and creatures needs an over haul and intended for armor make this less ugly ,to a lesser extent cartoony and much more realistic like about other mmos.That's all I bought as far while ideas and Ps3 please fix the actual bugs and secrets and also make a app for devices and tablets and also kindles and Spaces cause I such as forums,GE,newsworthiness,and more about my kindle."

" Our resolution is to target more on questing runecrafting. Also, men and women, if you can't stand RuneScape, please quit returning here along with complain.I performed since 2005 and yes it feels like One built my history up for nothing that's why most your players leave and its alone(p) bots what engage in now and battle system never essential any rework the game was perfect I might love to understand pre eoc back like so jagex can discover."

"I reckon to solve your problem connected with losing players. reduce EOC. honestly!I remember when i joined in '07 and quit regarding 1-2 many years.I came again because it's the child hood online game. I'm disappointed genuinely in the brand-new combat system and it is driving me upset! I miss that old community. i miss the old runescape.- mint daza
inbox myself or ingame communication me any period."

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