Treasures Tirannwyn in Runescape
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fill The final of the trouble and earn the most reward ever in RuneScape so much: Prifddinas access towards lost city from the elves.

Right nowadays we are positioning the finishing details to this location will open the doors in the coming months.

Konzeptgrafik der Elfenstadt
It is without doubt the largest update of the entire year. It will certainly be a completely new, stuffed with beams and ravenscroft city high-stage content, as every body voted.

Prifddinas be considered a meeting place pertaining to players level 80 or higher then there is eight elven clans will present training in various skills. There will be access to your Grand Market, completely new transportation options gem and awesome items.

The Elf City will open its doors very quickly, but until so, The End of the pest has additional rewards to supply.

First, there are going to be 500,000 Premature ejaculation 10 skills accessible. There will also be an exoskeleton that offer various benefits associated with Robo. Finally, there'll be a new title: "elf"

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