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Friday, August 29, 2014

Will there be a house portal here and will that be the most expensive one to buy there? Also will there be tele tabs and a teleport stone thing to teleport there?--to this,runescape respond  the majority of the cool stuff we've got planned for Elf City is available to check out on our 'Road to Elf City' YouTube playlist. Hopefully that should answer some of your questions! If they haven't, you'll have to wait for the release!

Matthew and matt. yes there will be a poh portal at prifddinas, also a ports portal and a lodestone for easy access among other stuff. this was all revealed in the first post about it.

It looks like Easter threw up on the game. I guess that's what it's starting to become anyways.Easter is a great holiday, I say carry on.

Looks like some sort of mario kart race track with that oval pathway.I'm really excited for this to be released. Mod Osborne had an easy time selling the city to us but he made it even more exciting. He really knows how to make updates looking appealing.--Most people complain about the bright colors but if you see the rest if the elves, they use the bright green an oh, shocker.... Crystals, which are bright. Takes those in.

I cannot wait to take this magnificent tour when the shiny gates .--When should we expect to see untradeable holiday event items in the sgs as the eta was march/april as i've not read any news on them in ages and been saving my loyalty points for a long time and would like an idea on what items are coming out and the cost of each Thanks.

It seems most of you do not realise it's not going to be this colour upon release. This is the model we're being shown, here, rather than a finished product. Most things are greyscale and colour grading will be done later on in the process (or it's underway now) - This is nothing near to the finished product in terms of colour!

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