The RuneScape Wiki
Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Wiki-wordmark Were only available in April of 2005 by Merovingian, the RuneScape Wiki's goal is always to remain a vast, knowledgeable source for everyone things in RuneScape. Since the site is often a wiki, anybody can edit it, and all should preferably accomplish that.

The RuneScape Wiki aims to become a potential competitor to everyone major RuneScape fansites. Guides to new quests or holiday events, for example, can be produced in less than 1 hour, far in front of other fansites. With additional contributors, this goal can be simply achieved.

Wikis tend to be targets for vandalism due to the ability so that it is edited by anyone. However, the RuneScape Wiki is moderated by the variety of users who watch out for vandalism.

This wiki is growing quickly, gaining editors on a regular basis. It includes methods for every quest and treasure trail, and also over 27,000 articles about items, locations, monsters and even more.

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