Elf City: The First Four Families
Tuesday, September 09, 2014

You waited ten years for it, you voted for it, and this month it arrives! The Elf City is coming near the end of this month and it’s huge - glittering with activities for high-level players.

Tower of Voices
At Prifddinas's heart is the Tower of Voices. You’ll be stopping here to trigger the Elf City lodestone, and to activate the golden shattered heart.

There’s a crystal tree farming patch (level 94 Farming), Grand Exchange, a permanent bonfire and portals to well-loved locations, including ports and clan citadels.

Clan Iorwerth will offer a new slayer master (level 85 Slayer), offering sought-after slayer assignments.

You’ll get to prefer assignments, extend them and even unlock the Hall of Fame challenge: nine solo bosses that must be killed while managing an inventory of debuffing crystals.

We haven’t even touched on the Rush of Blood weekly Distraction & Diversion (level 85 Slayer), which throws waves of monsters at you until you can’t take it anymore.

Clan Cadarn will be the home of the Max Guild.

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