Runescape : A Stray inside a Manger Holiday Event Announced
Friday, November 14, 2014

RuneScape devs have announced the 2012 holiday event for players. Called "A Stray in a Manger", the quest arc charges players with assisting Santa' Snow Imp in rounding up stray dogs to help deliver pet presents.RuneScape gold. Following the event concludes, players are able to adopt one of several strays and earn an exclusive kennel for his or her effort.

Runescape : Squeal of Fortune Arrives
uneScape players should check out the new Squeal of Fortune game of chance.RuneScape gold. Run with the goblin Yelp, players can spin the wheel once a day for an opportunity to win in-game rewards.

Prizes range from essential and valuable day-to-day resources and wealth to legendary and powerful weapons. Players receive two spins every day.

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