Gamers in order to Legacy Mode
Friday, October 17, 2014

"'m i the merely one that hates that upcoming update, it is going to confuse everything keeping eoc and bequest, also keeping lvl 200 clickbank and lvl 138 , just to much."

"Lol for the comments this will be for the dwell game it's destined to be a skin and you can turn on as well as off. Although One dislike the thought I am upwards for trying against each other"

"I guess you spend membership fees make use of this one way too. Good job men, completely ruin the experience and then mission monthly fees for you to players that desire to play the *excellent* version again."

" I merely find it absurd your giving you a teaser associated with what is esstiantially old beat , still i by no means voted FOR the item but i assume it keeps an individual players and i've the option to use EoC if i would like too so, guesswork it's not many bad."

"Legacy may have EOC equipment process
Near-optimal, but nevertheless lesser damage when compared with EOC)
EOC prayer system
EOC products and animations
EOC combat trilateral
but will have got old hit figures and damage splats. Accounts coming from rs3 will end up being transferred and several worlds will in reality allow the a couple systems to swordplay together."

"This is the place you see that you cant never help to make everyone glad.... I am playing since '07 and when the eoc came out there i didnt as if it but carry with, now i as if it because i undertood it... The planet needs to develop!! Do you think that god quit whenever a meteor killed their dinosaurs?"

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