For RuneScape player wonderland becomes reality
Monday, September 29, 2014

Your RuneScape Bonds, that had been introduced a last year, are a finish success. The company now published any status report.

Jagex, developer with the award-winning imagination MMORPG RuneScape, documented one year following your start of your initiative, pay Actively playing 'by the continuing success of the RuneScape Bonds. Due to the fact its publication allow RuneScape Bonds gamers access to quality content for people. RuneScape Bonds will also be traded to different players in the city for items as well as assets in the action and given away to friends anywhere on earth.

This year, the list of benefits that offer RuneScape Bonds in real life, expanded: Aaron Adam and one connected with his friends through Missouri in america the first RuneScape players that may use bonds to every aspect of their particular transatlantic travel to invest in this year's RuneFest, that will take place about Saturday, 11 April at Tobacco Boat dock in London. Both the players exchanged their bonds for arrivals to Britain and back, hotel rooms, tickets and income for the consequence - CrystalCoins - one, and all sorts of that without obtaining spent a centime of real dollars.

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