"EVE" implicated
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Recently, the appearance of many DDoS online hacker attacks, many online game servers successive suffer, lots of whom are "RuneScape" and "EVE" kind  masterpiece. Many players obtain the game appeared dropped but not landing phenomenon.

"RuneScape" Jagex team of developers on the forum post said: "You may already know, our game servers and official network services are being disturbed, we have learned  that" RuneScape "as well as other games have grown to be the marked of hacker attacks, resulting the challenge can not be coupled to the game. "

"We have been making every effort to mitigate the impact of the event for that players, we is helping the stability from the system core service platform, to  strengthen the resilience on this case."

Also Jagex also warned players avoiding high-risk activities, such as PVP and high-level PVM.

"EVE" production team CCP also said that their Tranquility server also suffered several DDoS attacks, but had recovered to connect.

Other suffering from this attack and also "Heroes Union" and "Guild Wars 2"

There is certainly no organization or individual claimed responsibility with this attack, i will be tracking the newest developments this report.


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