Double XP Weekend - Coming 1st November
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Time for just a Double XP Weekend - a RuneScape treat to warm you as the nights suck in!

From your 1st of November for the 2nd of November, RuneScape members will love double XP in combat and skilling activities.

Free players will not overlooked from the cold, either, as they'll enjoy +20% XP on eligible activities.

XP The weekend is a moment-honoured RuneScape community favourite, and there'll be lots of events around the time.

There's the required time to ready, so start stocking through to materials now, and search forward to that sweet XP.

See you then!

The RuneScape Team

BTS Video 117 - Rune Value Improvements

Mod Deg walks us over the Player-Power-voted Rune Value Improvements update, coming over to RuneScape next week.

Find out about the Rune Goldberg Machine, and the other ways we're offering you more for your runes.

Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to take care of the latest official RuneScape video content.

The RuneScape Video Team

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